Daily Archives: 2006年1月11日

Dondoyaki in Shirahama

060111dondoyaki001_1It was very warm today, so I wen to Shirahama beach with my son, Yuuki.

It was first time for him to walk by himself for the long time on the sand. He was very excited and had a good time, I guess.

By the way as you saw in this photo, there was a "Dondo Yaki" in the beach.

"Dondo Yaki" is the Japanese traditional bonfire performed at the beginning of New Year.

We, Japanese bring "Okazari" or " Shimenawa", the decorations  for the  New  Year  celebration, and burn it in the early morning.

The tradition says that the smoke of Dondo Yaki bring  good health and good luck.

I had seen it 3 years ago and took the phots. Please check it out. "Dondo Yaki" (Sorry, Japanese only)

I guess that we can not see this traditional event in the big city in Japan, but would you like to see it?

It will be held on Sunday, January 15th.  Good Luck with you!