Sakuraya’s building will be under repair.

060129terrace001_1From tomorrow we will start to repair our building.

This time we will repair the roof, the walls outside and the walls of inside of Japanese style rooms.
So we can not be able to accept the reservation until March 20th.

But we accept the reservation of only February 10th, Friday and 11th, Saturday.

After all construction we are looking forward to meeting you again at renewed Sakuraya.

Please understand our situation. Thank you very much.

2 thoughts on “Sakuraya’s building will be under repair.

  1. kevin

    i am sure the building
    will be stronger…
    and the kindness of the owners
    will be just as before…

  2. Host of Sakuraya

    > Kevin san,
    Wao!, this is our first comment of this weblog.
    Thank you so much, Kevin san !!
    Last year we consulted the painter about the roof, and he said ” You have to change all of the roof, because it is very old. If you would like to paint it, off corse we can do it. But you will have to paint it soon about 3 years later”.
    That’s why we decided to repair it, and the walls too.
    But after that, we will meet our guest at the renewed Pension.
    Thank you again, Kevin san.

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