Kawazu Sakura in our garden

060214sakura001_1As in these days it had been very warm here in Shirahama, Sakura tree could have a Sakura blossoms.

We have several trees of Sakura in our garden, but this Sakura is about 8 years old, which is near the entrance.

Last year this tree had only 10 flowers, but it has a lot of buds in this stage this year.

We look forward to seeing all of Sakura blossoms.

By the way my son had cold from yesterday…..

He had fever last night, so I was going to take him to the hospital this morning.
As my wife had a cold too, I took them to the hospital by car.

However my daughters will bring the lunch box to the school tomorrow, I have to prepare it instead of my wife.

Tomorrow morning I will have to start to prepare it from 5:00am.

I wonder I will be able to get up so early….. .

P.S: I took this picture at the southern area of Shirahama beach. Yes, it was really beautiful sea today.

Pension Sakuraya, A hostel in Shirahama, Shimoda, Japan