Daily Archives: 2006年2月15日

Sunrise in Shirahama

060215sunrise001_1"It’s 6 and half o’clock, dad !"

My daughter, Akari said to me and made me get up this morning.

"Oh, my god ! I have to prepare your lunch box !"

My daughters go to the school at around 7:00am every morning, so I had to prepare the breakfast for them at first.
Last night  I went to the bed at 1:30am, but I slept for too long time.

My daughters are waked up by my wife every morning, but Akari was worring if I can get up earlier than usual.  That’s why she got up by herself this morning.

By the way I have a fever now, probably I have a cold instead of my wife.
I have a lot of things to do, but….. .