It’s too sour !!

060220yuuki002_1Recently my son, Yuuki became to be able to eat with spoon or fork by himself.

Of course he usually use his hands to eat, and he can eat any foods we prepare.

Today, as he was hungry he ate a lot.

One of today’s dinner was salad of tomato and cucumber with vinegar and soy souce.

He can eat Umeboshi (Japanese dried plum with salt), so he likes and eats sour food or vinegar. And he can express that he feels sour taste……..


060220yuuki003_1Yes, this is it !!

We don’t know how he remembered this expression.

Probably we sometimes do it when we eat something sour.

He is studying a lot of things day and day.

Especially he became to speak many words. Of course he usually speaks Japanese. But for example…..

"Aouu" – Hello
"Tankuu" – Thank you   etc…..

He speaks these word with cute expression !!

But I think, if you would be with him you would need interpreter to comunicate.

He always gives us happy and dream.