Itado port and Chuuou beach

060327itado001_3Yesterday our guest asked me that he is looking for a beach which he watched in a TV program and at the Osak train station.

So I went to take pictures for him today.

This is one of them "Itado port" in the north area of Shirahama.
There are many ships for fishing of Japanese spiny lobstar, top shell, squid, jack mackerel, alfonsino and etc…. .

060327chuuou001_1This is "Chuuou beach" in the middle area of Shirahama.

This beach has white sand and beautiful sea too.

In this place we sometimes see scene of taking TV program, TV commercial and cinema.

Today many people were taking TV commercial of Sayuri Yoshinaga, a Japanese actress.

I went this beach with my son today too.

He loves white sand very much.

After that, we took a long walk in this beach.

It was good exercise for him.