Dried Fish of Shimoda

060408fish001_2Have you ever seen these dried fishes ?

These are "Jack Mackerel", "Aji" in Japanese.

Today we, family, went to Shimoda for shopping and found these dried fishes in a supermarket.

These are home made dried fishes…..

We sometimes buy these fishes for our dinner.
These are very delicious.

In Shimoda there are many dried fish shops, so probably they have a good method for it, and know how to make it.

We usually serve some kinds of dried fishes for Japanese style breakfast of Sakuraya, but we buy the fishes from a local fish shop in Shirahama.
They provide really good fishes too.

My son, Yuuki, always walk around in a supermarket to find and touch something that he is interested in.

But please don’t touch a pack of strawberry !

If you want to touch something, please select a hard thing.

For example, canned food, that’s OK to touch for you, because you cann’t break it !