Wao, Cake !!

060423yuukicake01_1Recently my son, Yuuki, became to be able to do many kinds of things.

Today, when I went to the kitchen he was doing something using a pan and a lit.

I was watching him for a while, he seemed to cook something with pan.

Yes, he is good at using these tools. And then he said ……

060423yuukicake02_1"Wao, Cake !!"

He was talking to himself.

I remembered that his sisters were cooking pancakes at this kitchen yesterday.
Yes, he was watching it and thought to do same thing.

In front of baby chair he was cooking with a small pan like a chef.

"What are you doing, Yuuki ?" I asked him.

"Cake !" he answered.

"Give me that cake !" I said.

So he gave me a pancake that he cooked like a second photo.

You are really cute baby, Yuuki !!