Ise Ebi / Itado port in Shirahama

060426iseebi01_1In these days it is a little cool in the night and early morning.

I took a walk as usual this morning and went to "Itado port" in the northern area of Shirahama.

And I found some people were working there.

I took this photo at 7:30am.
The pink things in this photo are nets to get "Ise Ebi".

The fisher men usually set these nets in the bottom of sea in the afternoon, and next day…..

060426iseebi02They depart from the port by ship at around 3:00am, and come back at around 4:00am.
After coming back from the sea they start to take Ise Ebi off from the nets.

I took this second photo 3 years ago in the same place.

In Shimoda they start to get Ise Ebi from November and finish in May.

I think that the taste of these local Ise Ebi are really different from shirimps or lobsters imported from overseas.

These local Ise Ebi are very good for Sashimi, but we have only one month we can eat it in this season.