Koinobori for my son

060428koinobori01_1In Japan, we, Japanese set up "Koinobori", Carp shaped flags, from April to the early month of May.

Koinobori are flown traditionally to celebrate "Children’s Day" takes place on May 5th.

We, Japanese decorate Koinobori to pray that sons or grand sons grow up healty and strong.

According to the story of china, when the carp finishes climbing up the waterfall it become a dragon at the dragongate.
So Japanese parents hung Koinobori up in the sky for children rise up like a dragon in the future.

Last year it was a first time of Children’s Day for my son, so his grand father bought it for him…..

060428yuuki01_1Today I was going to take a photo of my son, Yuuki, with Koinobori.

But he found an ant when I was taking a photo.

Recently my son is intrested in small bugs, and if he find a bug he always starts to chase after it.

After all I couldn’t take a good photo for him…….. .