I am cooking, dad !

060505steak01_1"What are you doing, Yuuki ?"

After we finished to clean dishes of guest’s dinner, when we saw my son he was doing something with a pan.

– – – –

Hey ! Look at me ! Do you know what I am doing ?
Yes, I am cooking a beafsteak with a pan !

Are you thinking why I knew how to cook with pan ?

Because I have been watching that my dad had been cooking since I was a baby and knew how to cook. …….

060505study01_1And after cooking I study with a book.

Because I want to know if I could cook well, or if there are any other good cooking which I can.

I have already known how to read a book, because my sisters read books everyday and I love reading very much !

– – – –

Yes, Yuuki, you are good at cooking and reading.

But we were surprised that you suddenly started to cook with a pan on a chair today.

You are great and cute, Yuuki !