“Shun no Sato” in Shimoda

060508shunnosatoyuuki01_1"Wao, this is a biiiig radish !", my son said.

This is a shop "Shun no Sato" where local farmers are selling various products.

I was surprised that about 500 farmars are providing.

We sometimes go this place to buy many kinds of things …… .

060508shunnosato01We can buy here, for example, fresh vegetables, pickles of Umeboshi and Takuan, seaweads, fresh fruites, home made jam, home made bread, charcoal of bamboo, natural salt and etc…. .

They provide seasonal products and these are very cheap.

Especially we can buy the vegetables at half price of supermarket.

It takes about 5 minutes by car from Shimoda station.

Why don’t you go for shopping here ?

Address   281-9 Kouchi Shimoda city
TEL   0558-27-1488
Operation time  8:30am – 5:00pm
Website http://shunnosato.com/ (Japanese only)