Shimoda Station was changed to “Sekisho”/67th Black Ship Festival 2006

060520shimodastation01_1Do you konw what Sekisho is ?

Sekisho is a one of checkpoints where the goverment of Edo era stopped every traveller.

During  Black Ship Festival the Railway Company, "Izukyu Line" changes Shimoda station like this picture every year.

And there are many people wearing costumes of Edo era……. .

060520shimodastation02_1So the travellers ask them to get in a photo together.

It is really interesting and fantastic !!

I think that they had better do it all the year except summer, because the summer of Shimoda is very hot.

Besides I recommend them to change the station’s name from "Izukyu Shimoda Station" to "Izu Sekisho Station".

PS: My wife took this pictures by moblephone.

In Shimoda town we can see a lot of people wearing several costumes like citizens or Samurai of Edo era.

She is "Momo Tarou", a hero of Japanese most popular legend.