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67th Black Ship Festival from Tomorrow

060518shimodaharbor01_1Tonight, when I went to Shimoda I found that a ship was decorated a lot of beautiful lights at Shimoda harbor.

"Well, Black Ship Festival will take place from tomorrow…. ."

I was going to take a piciture of that ship later, but when I went back to the harbor 2 hours later again, the decorations had already been finished.

So I am going to show a picture that I took 2 years ago…….

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Students from Kanagawa Pref.

060516student01_1In Shirahama we accept a lot of students of Junior high school, who come to have experiences of nature of Shirahama every year.

Yes, this is similer to a summer camp.

Today, the first school of this year, 200 students came from Yokohama, and stayed for one night.

This is a picture that I took an openning ceremony in Itado area of Shirahama.

And they started to observe a sea after lunch. …….

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Mt. Takane Walking Map / Shimoda: Shirahama

060513takanemape01As I wrote in this weblog I went to Mt. Takane which is highest mountain in Shimoda yesterday.

Then I remember that I was going to make a webpage of Mt. Takane hiking with a guide map.

So I decided to make it today, but I could make only map like this.
Because I wanted to make not only simple map but also map with pictures.

It took long time, so I couldn’t make all webpage today.

The route to the top of Mt. Takane is not difficult, so if you would like to go there please use this map.

Spot lights on the sea / Mt. Takane in Shirahama

060512takane01_1This morning I went to the school with my children after a few days.

On the way to the school I was thinking, "Well , where am I going today ?", and decided to go to Mt. Takane which is a highest mountain in Shirahama.

Then I changed my route and started to go up the mountain.

When I arrived at the top of Mt. Takane, I could see a beautiful view.

The sun lights were coming down from the sky and made the sea "Stage".

This stage with lights and shadows was really misterious. …….

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“Joren-no-Taki”fall in Amagi

060510jorenfall01_1This is a most famous and biggest water fall "Joren-no-Taki" in Amagi in Izu peninsula.

In Japan, most of Japanese know this fall, because a Japanese singer "Sayuri Ishikawa" sing about this fall in her song.
That’s why a lot of people want to visit this fall to see it.

This fall is 25 meters high and 7 meters wide and selected one of 100 falls selection in Japan. ……

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Foggy day in Shirahama

060508fogshirahama01_2It was foggy day today after a long time.

When I went to the school with my children this morning it was cloudy. But it was changed rainny and foggy at noon.

I took this photo at the bus stop "Shirahama kaigan" on the way to Shimoda.

We can see Shirahama shrine overthere, it seemed like an island on the sea.

I am showing you a photo that I took at the same place same time last year……

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I am cooking, dad !

060505steak01_1"What are you doing, Yuuki ?"

After we finished to clean dishes of guest’s dinner, when we saw my son he was doing something with a pan.

– – – –

Hey ! Look at me ! Do you know what I am doing ?
Yes, I am cooking a beafsteak with a pan !

Are you thinking why I knew how to cook with pan ?

Because I have been watching that my dad had been cooking since I was a baby and knew how to cook. …….

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