Fureai no Mori in Inatori town

060604park0_1"Let’s go to the long slide this afternoon !"

After checking out of our guest I said so.

My children of course agreed with me, so we went a park in Inatori is called "Fureai no mori" after I finished to clean up the guest room.

In this park there are many kinds of trees, playground equipments and observatory.

Naturally our main purpose was a long slide.
The length of this slide is 50 meters.

From the top of this slide we can see a beautiful view of Inatori town, pacific ocean and Izu seven islands.

As soon as we got there my daughter started to slide down, but it didn’t work well…..

060604park00_1As soon as we got there my daughters started to slide down, but it didn’t work well.

I thought that it is neccesary to bring some seats, for example, cardboad, to slide down well.

At last my daughters finished to slide it down, and moved to different equipment.


In this park there is an another equipment like this.

We, Japanese call it "Athletic".

I think the real english name of it is different but actually I don’t know this name ….. .

This time my daughters could be excited.