Prohibited to swim today

060806beach01_1"It is prohibited to swim today, so we came back."

Our guest who went to the beach this moring said so.

"Let’s go to the beach to check the condition !"

I went to the beach with my children after job.

When I saw the sea from the 2nd floor of Family Mart I could see a looooooot of people and fog over there.

We have many foggy days this summer, because the temparature of water is colder than usual……

060806yuuki01_1Actually I wanted to go back home soon, but my daughter said,

"You wanted to go to take pictures in the beachside, right?"

Yes, I exactly said so when I was leaving from our house.

I was very surprised at too many people in the beachside and the sea when I went there.

"Can I get into the water, dad ?"

My daughter and Yuuki played in the water for a while.

Lifesavers said that it is prohibited to swim, but most of people were getting into the water and swimming.

And we had big waves today because of typhoon.