New Tatami Mats !!

061004tatami01_1The busy summer was finished at the end of last month, so Sakuraya is very quiet recently.

This autumn we decided to change Tatami Mats of Japanese style rooms.

We got the new Tatami Mats of Room 101 today.

The new Tatami Mats are really good smell, and we can be relaxed very much.

And as we changed the wall paper last spring this room seems like new room !

By the way, when I was taking pictures of this room my son, Yuuki, came into. …….

061004tatami02_1After getting into this room he approached the window and said.

"Nyan nyan, dad !!"

Yes, he found a cat outside.

The Japanese children call a cat "Nyan nyan".

After that he got the telephone and began to speak something.

Yuuki loves telephone very much !!

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