Daily Archives: 2006年10月17日

Sawada Park Rotenburo- Outside Hot Spring in Dogashima

061017rotenburo01_1Today it was beautiful day, so I went to Nishi Izu with my son, Yuuki.

After 1 hours driving we could see the ocean and drove for 5 minutes we got to "Sawada Koen (Open-Air Spa)"
in Dogashima.

When we arrived there was nobody in a parking lot and I found a sign at the reception of this Onsen.
"Closed on every Tuesday" it said.

But I was not going to take a bath there because my son had a little cold today.

After parking my car we went up the steep steps to get to Onsen on the top of hill.

"Hey Yuuki, watch your step !!"   …..

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