Sawada Park Rotenburo- Outside Hot Spring in Dogashima

061017rotenburo01_1Today it was beautiful day, so I went to Nishi Izu with my son, Yuuki.

After 1 hours driving we could see the ocean and drove for 5 minutes we got to "Sawada Koen (Open-Air Spa)"
in Dogashima.

When we arrived there was nobody in a parking lot and I found a sign at the reception of this Onsen.
"Closed on every Tuesday" it said.

But I was not going to take a bath there because my son had a little cold today.

After parking my car we went up the steep steps to get to Onsen on the top of hill.

"Hey Yuuki, watch your step !!"   …..

061017rotenburo02_1This is it !

The Onsen was closed today but I could see a bath inside over the fense. (Of course, only bath for men !)

This Onsen is very famous of its beautiful view and location on the edge of a cliff.

The view of sunset is amazing if you don't know. This is one of great view of Rotenburo in Izu peninsula.

The bathtub is not big, the capacity would be 4 or 5 people, I think.
You feel the water is a liitle hot during summer and it is difficult to take a bath if you have a strong wind in winter.

061017rotenburo03_1 "Be carful ! Watch your step, Yuuki !!"

Recently he wants to go everywhere he can go and follow me.
But it is sometimes dangerous for him.

Actually I wanted to go to the view point of Mt. Fuji in Nishi Izu, but I didn't go there because the air was not clear to see Mt. Fuji.

"We will be back next time when it it sunny, right ? Yuuki !"

"Sawada Koen Rotenburo"
2817-1 Sawada Nishina Nishiizu-cho Shizuoka Pref.
Charge – 500yen per adult  300 yen per child (4 year ~ primary school)
Parking lot – 15~20 units (Free for bathing people)
Operation time –
    7:00am – 7:00pm (from October to June)
    6:00am – 8:00pm (from July to September)
Small towel – 100 yen  Locker – 100 yen
Big bathtowel, Shampoo, Soap and Dryer are not provided.
Map – Google Maps in Japanese

Click here to get more information with a lot of photos



This Onsen was broken by typhoon in August 2009, but it was repaired and re-opened on April 30th 2011.

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