Hikari and Yuuki on the beach

061022hikariandyuuki01_1Today it was almost cloudy and we had sometimes a little rain in Shirahama.

As I had to go to Shirahama Tourist Information I took my children, Hikari and Yuuki, together.

There was nobody on the beach, even surfers, becase we did not have good waves today.

When I was in the office I heard a voice of Yuuki crying outside.

I asked my daughter and she said,

"Yuuki wants to get off the shoes. But I said No because it is rainning here today."

I sometimes take my children recently and my son plays on the beach, so he wanted to do it today too. …..

"Ok, Hikari. You can play outside for a while, so make his shoes off."

Yuuki changed his face smile soon and began to play with Hikari.

After 10 minutes, when I went to the beach  they were playing.

"Look ! Airplane in the sky !!" I said.

Actually we could see anything in the sky because it was cloudy.

But my son turned his face up soon.

Yes, he loves airplane and car.