Altocumulus clouds and sunset in Shimoda

061129beach11_2Today it was very warm so my son, Yuuki, and I went to the beach.

After getting to "Shirahama Chuou Beach" which is next to Shirahama Ohama beach, we got into the beach and started to walk together.

When we were walking on the beach we found some branches of the tree and drew a big picture on the big cambus of the sand.

At that time my son found something in the sky …… .

061129beach2_2"What’s that, dady ?" my son said.

We could see a lot of small clouds in the sky and they were becoming bigger and bigger.

Yes, they seemed like cottonballs.

"Yuuki, we will be able to see a beautiful sunset today. Let’s move ! I want to take photos." I said.


061129sunset01_1 When we got to "Ogasaki Wing" which is a place we can see the beautiful scenery of Shirahama, it was already 4:00pm and the sun was setting into the western mountain.

At last we could see a beautiful sunset after a long time, but it was a first time for us to see the beautiful altocumulus with sunset.

Shimoda Shirahama Beach: Guest House Pension Sakuraya