Izu Oshima Island

061204ooshima01_1Today we had a little wind but it was warm this afternoon.

How did you feel in your place today ?

By the way this is a view from 2nd floor of our Pension.
When I was cleaning up this room I could see Izu Oshima island over there, so I had a break to see it for a while.

As the air is very clear in the winter we can see Izu seven island.

I am going to show the view from same place after 3 hours. ……

061204ooshima02_1I took this picture at around 5:15pm.

Is that fullmoon ?

I could see a ship under the moonlight and Motomachi town in Izu Oshima over there.

We had been able to get to Oshima from Inatori town in Izu peninsula 2 or 3 years ago, but the ship goes to this island from only Atami, Yokohama and Tokyo.

We can see Oshima with sunrise but they can see Izu peninsula with sunset.

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