Mt. Fuji and Rape Blossoms in Western Izu Peninsula

070215mtfuji01_1Today my wife had to do her job, so I had to be a baby sitter of my son, Yuuki.

I was thinking where we go.

As we had a strong wind I thought that we might be able to see Mt. Fuji from the west side of Izu peninsula today.

I reseached it in the web camera site ….. Bingo !!

So I desided to go to see Mt. Fuji with my son !!

When I was driving on the way of West Izu I could see Mt. Fuji,  I was very excited !!


How do you like this ?

It’s really beautiful, right ?

I took this picture on a hill near "Heda" village.

As we had a strong wind we could see Mt. Fuji clearly.

And I started to go toward the northern area.

070215mtfuji03_1I arrived at my today’s destination, "Ida", a small village in Numazu city.

This place is in the most nothern area of Izu peninsula.

It is just 80 km from Sakuraya in Shirahama, and it took about 1 hour and 40 minutes by car.

There is a rape blossoms field, and I had wanted to go this place but I did’t have an opotunity. (I had forgotten it, in another word.)

This was a very beautiful scenary with rape blossoms and Mt. Fuji here.

070215mtfuji04_2This is a pnoramic view of Ida village and Mt. Fuji.

There is a Japanese charactor of "Ida" in the middle of rape blossoms field, but could you see that ?

By the way we actually had  very strong wind in western side of Izu.

I couldn’t stand alone in this wind like a typhoon.

But it was fantastic driving today !!

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