Sakura, Sakura and Sakura !!

070221sakurayuuki01_1We went to a mountain which a local man has yesterday.

Our purpose was to get Sakura trees.

He has a lot of Sakura trees in his field, and when I was talking with him about Sakura he decided to give me some Sakura trees.

While we were talking about Sakura my son, Yuuki, was playing alone touching the soil…..

070221sakura01_1I could get 2 kinds of Sakura at last, and this is one of them called "Shirahama Sakura".

This Sakura tree is his original, which has white flowers and blooms at the end of January.

Yes, it blooms earlier than Kawazu Sakura which blooms in Februray and March.

We will be able to see 5 kinds of Sakura blossoms next year.

I am looking forward to seeing it.

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