A Beautiful Sunrise in Shirahama

070307sunrise01_1When I was sleeping I heard a sound of something, puuuuuun, puuuuuuunn…

The clock said 4:30am. So I continued to sleep and then …..

"Oh, my gash !!"

Yes, I was bitten by mosquito.

"Where are youuuuuu !?"

While I was looking for this mosquito it made me waked up at last.

It was 5:30am.

But when I saw outside the sun was rising up on the ocean.

So I desided to go to the beach to take pictures. …….

I took this 1st picture on the way to the beach.

I could see a lot of ships on the ocean and Izu Oshima island overthere.

070307sunrise02_1I was waiting for sunrise taking many pictures, and then the sun rised on the horizon.

There were 2 ships in the sun light and Izu Oshima island on the left side.

Uhhhhn, it was gorgeous and really beautiful.

So I am showing one more picture…


How do you like this ?

It looks like one of scenes in the movie, right ?

By the way it was very cold this morning in Shirahama.

The winter has come back again ?


Anyway, thank you mosquito, god job !!!

Shimoda Shirahama Beach: Guest House Pension Sakuraya