sakura Blossoms in Western Izu Peninsula

070331sakura01_1Today I went to Shuzenji for my job, and came back to Shimoda through Western side of Izu Peninsula.

This is Koganezaki-cape in Ugusu town. It takes 60 minutes by car from Shimoda.

There are a lot of Sakura trees in a small garden and they were blooming 50 or 60% in this stage.

After that, I went to Matsuzaki to see another Sakura blossoms….

070331sakura02_1There is a river "Nakagawa" in Matsuzaki and we can see 1500 Sakura trees blooming on the both side of this river 1500 meters.

It seemed 60 % blooming in this stage.

If you go to Western Izu Peninsula I recommend you next week to see their best condition.

It was cloudy today, so I couldn’t show the beautiful pictures of cherry blossoms.