Koinobori for my son

070428koinobori01As it had been cloudy and sometimes rainny in these days we couldn’t do it.

But actually we could set up "Koinobori" at last yeseterday.

We, Japanese decorate Koinobori to pray that sons or grand sons grow up healty and strong.

According to the story of china, when the carp finishes climbing up the waterfall it become a dragon at the dragongate.
So Japanese parents hung Koinobori up in the sky for children rise up like a dragon in the future.

Anyway I am showing a picture of today’s beach…..

070428beach01We have been very busy these days, so couldn’t go to the beach.

When I went to the beach today it was cloudy, however  we had a strong wind and a heavy rain in the afternoon.

How was it in your place today ?

Are you all right ?

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