It was sunny in Shirahama, but …..

070515yuukiLast night Yuuki’s grandparents stayed at Sakuraya.

After saying "Good bye" my son, Yuuki said, "Let’s go walking !!"

So my wife and I took my son to walk to the mountain behind Sakuraya.

There is a small street in front of Sakuraya and we can go up the hill on this street…..

070515yuuki01From the top of mountain we can see a beutiful scenery of Shirahama, Amagi mountains and Izu seven islands.

But as it was a little cloudy today we could not see seven islands.

When I called my friend living in Tokyo this afternoon he said, "Now, we are in a heavy rain !".

I couldn’t believe it at that time, because we didn’t have any rain here in Shimoda.

By the way, Look !

My son, Yuuki is interested in someting in the sky.

Yes, he found an airplane flying in the blue sky.

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