A Secret Cave in Shirahama

070604chuoubeach01Today it was beautiful day, so I went to the beach with my son to take a walk.

This is "Shirahama Chuo Beach" next to Shirahama Ohama Beach.

After parking our car at the parking lot near the beach we started to walk.

Yes, I was going to a secret cave in Shirahama…….

070604chuoubeach02This is it!!

This cave is usually in the sea behind "Shirahama Shrine".

But we can go to this cave by walking on the sand only at low tide.

This is a big cave and there is a hole at the bottom and we can see the sky there.

We usually go to Shirahama Chuo Beach from Shirahama Ohama Beach on the rocks like this picture, but we can walk under the rocks at low tide.

(Do you find my son walking on the sand in this picture?)

Why don’t you go there?

This is an amazing place in Shimoda.

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