Summer day after a long time – Shirahama Beach

070724sunnyday01_2I don’t remember how many days we don’t have a sunny day.

In summer I check the weather forcast many times everyday.
Yesterday’s weather forcast said, it will be sunny.
But actually I didn’t trust it because the weather change day and day.

However, we got a sunshine today in Shirahama, Shimoda.

070724sunnyday02_2The strong sun light made a sand very hot, so I could not walk without shoes on the beach.

After walking I got into the water, but the water was not so cold.
I know that the water is warmer and warmer day after day in July.

The wet season, the rainy season was finished in Kyushu and Shikoku region on July 23rd.

I hope it will be finished soon in Shimoda!!

Shimoda Shirahama Beach: Pension Sakuraya

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