Snorkeling in Shirahama

070928itado01It was very beaufitul day today, so we went to Itado beach to spend good afternoon before going to shopping.

While I was playing for snorkeling my son, Yuuki was playing with my wife near the water.

But when I came back he took off all clothes because it was very hot today and my wife did it.

The water was still very warm here, so I could find many fishes in this area…..


070928itado02Look at this picture!!

In this area we can find many kinds of fishes, and actually I found bigger fish in deep point but I couldn’t take a good picture which I show you.

In Shimoda we can play and see many things, but  if you would like to do snorkeling I  can tell you good points.

Have a good time in Shimoda!!

2 thoughts on “Snorkeling in Shirahama

  1. Pension Sakuraya

    In Shirahama there is one good point called “Itado Kaigan”.
    The nearest bus stop is “Ichiki-guchi”.
    # 9 bus goes to this bus stop through Shirahama beach from Izukyu-shimoda station.
    It takes about 15 minutes from the station and 6 or 7 minutes by walk from this bus stop.
    However there is no shops where you can buy something to eat and drink.
    You had better bring it before going this place.
    You can check the picutres in the following Japanese webpage.
    Have a nice holiday in Shirahama.


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