Sunrise in Shirahama

071120sunrise01_2In my house my wife usually prepare a breakfast and I cook a dinner everyday, but my wife seemed to catch a cold yesterday.
So I prepared the breakfast this morning instead of her.

In early morning when I waked up and saw outside through the window I found the red sky in the east.

"Oh, great!! I will be able to take pictures of sunrise this morning."

I cooked my daughter’s breakfast and depart from my house by car.

When I got to the beach behind Shirahama shrine the sun was rising up on a horizon…..

On the right hands of big rock which had a Red Gate (Torii) I could see seven islands clearly.

Yes, it was gorgeous scenary this morning.

This morning there were a lot of clouds in the sky like this picture.

I sometimes take a picture of sunrise in Shirahama, but I think I can take the beautiful pictures when there is cloud in the sky.

4 thoughts on “Sunrise in Shirahama

  1. keith

    I loved your photos of Shirahama. I recently bought a house there and plan to move there with my wife sometime next year.
    My wife wants to do “Aroma Theraphy” and maybe i will teach English there!!
    I hope to see you someday!!

  2. Host of Sakuraya

    Hello, thank you for your comment.
    We are very surprised to hear that you will move to Shirahama with your wife next year.
    As I sometimes post the picture in our weblog in English please check it.
    We are looking forward to meeting you someday.

  3. keith

    I did not realise that you had seen my post!! Aaaah I am stupid haa haa haa! The photos you took were really nice and makes me want to go there right now!!
    This December we have to go to Shirahama to do the final contract on the house and hopefully we can meet you!! Maybe if it is okay, we might have to stay and at a pension and would love to stay at yours. By the way your children are lovely and it looks like they really enjoying being by the beach.
    I’m Australian and have lived in Japan for about 12 years. We currently live in Gifu and I’m a little tired of my work and really need a change. (I hope my staff do not see this posting haa haa haa)
    My wife and I do not have any children and just thought it would be nice for a new challenge in life!!


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