Wao! They are swimming!! — Shirahama Beach

071209beach02_2When I finished to clean up the guest roooms I was going to go for shopping with my son and go to the beach.

So I asked my son,

" Yuuki, why don’t you go to the beach by car?"

And he answered,

"No, I want to take a walk with mam!!"

Then I went to the beach alone and found there was a people who was swimming today….

I moved to the another place and also found the another people were swimming and surfing without swimsuit there.

I couldn’t believe it!!

Actually it was very warm today here in Shirahama and we didn’t have cold wind, but we usually don’t swim in this season.

Every year we can swim until the beginning of October in Shirahama because the water is still very warm here, but …..

However I realized why they swam.

Yes, they were foreigners!!

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