Shirahama Beach & Sunset in Shimoda

071214beach00_2Today it was very warm here in Shirahama.

Now it already is in December but it is not cold in these days.

When I went to the beach with my son there was nobody walking there on the beach and no surfers in the sea.
Because they didn’t have good wave today.

Yes, it was very silent……

071214beach01_2 But actually we sometimes had strong wind there.

Have you noticed the sand around my son?

When we have a strong wind from east as the sand comes us directly it is impossible to take pictures, but we had a wind from west today, so we could walk on the beach.

The nature is changed day and day….



071214sunset01_2 After shopping in Shimoda we went to this place to take a picture with sunset.

This place is called "Harris no Komichi" in Japanese.
It means a walking path of Harris.

There is a temple "Gyokusenji" here, which was a first U.S.Consulate General at the end of Edo period.

I thik that the first Consul General Townsend Harris walked here with sunset.

<Liks> Travel Guide "Gyokusenji Temple"

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