Flying Sand on Shirahama Beach

080209beach01_2This afternoon I was going to Shimoda for shopping, and when I went to the Route 135 it was strong windy there.

Actually I wanted to the beach to take photos with my son, but I didn’t do it because of sand.

In Shirahama when the wind is strong it brings sand over the fence like this photo.

When we have a north wind …..

… there are some windsurfers in Shirahama.

Do you find windsurfers in the ocean in this photo?

Recently I noticed one thing, when we have west wind here there is no windsurfers, so the north wind is good condetion for them, I guess.

Today it was rainy, windy and very cold here, but how was the weather in your place? Did you have a snow?

The weather forcast says it will be sunny here in Shimoda tomorrow.

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