Snow, Snow, Snow on the beach – – Shirahama

080213snow01_2I was surprised very much and couldn’t believe it today. We had a lot of snow here in Shirahama after many years!

When my children went to the school at around 7:00 am it was just cloudy, but it started to snow before 9:00 am and we had 3 or 5 cm snow at last.

It is amazing because even if they have snow in Amagi mountains in winter we have no snow here…..

This Sakura tree which is next to the entrance of Sakuraya building was surprised very much too, I guess.

Telling one more thing that I was surprised,

When I went to the beach to take picutres there were some surfers in the sea.

Maybe they were excited and said,

"Unbelievable, now we are in Shirahama!"

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