Sotoura Beach and Shirahama Beach

080220sotoura01_2As my son, Yuuki wanted to go somewhere we went to the beach today.

Have you ever been to Sotoura Beach in Shimoda?

This beach is located between Shirahama and Shimoda town and it takes only 3 or 4 minutes by car from Sakuraya.
There is a parking lot in front of the beach and it is free except busy season, so it is very convnient to park and play on the beach.

In addition this beach is a big creek so they don’t have big wave here.
It is very helpful for the children who don’t like big wave.

We came back to Shirahama beach after that…..


Today it was very beautiful here in Shimoda.

We had a little west wind but it was a good condition for surfing with good wave.

My son was very happy to walk on the beach.

Look at that couple overthere!

They were watching the sea together.
I think that they were lucky because they could see a really beautiful sea today.

<Pension Sakuraya, A hostel in Shirahama, Shimoda, Japan>



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