Yuuki’s favorite place is …….

080310yuuki01_2It was yesterday afternoon.

When I was working in my office my daughter, Hikari came to my ofiice and said,

"Come on, dad! Hurry up!"

Before that my children, Akari, Hikari and Yuuki were playing together in a dinning room downstairs.
And I heard that Hikari said to my son Yuuki,

"Are you sleepy, Yuuki?"

So I knew why my daughter called me and I went to the dinning room with my camera soon ….

Look at this!

When my dautghters were studying my son Yuuki was lying on the floor under the desk.
So Hikari brought his blanket and Yuuki got into the dream world soon. 

I think this is a second time to sleep here.

Under the table it is my son’s favorite place to sleep!?

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