Horsetail and Today’s Shirahama Beach

080312horsetail01_2Have you ever seen this?

It’s called "Tsukushi" in Japanese (Horsetail in English).
I took this photo in Minami-Izu town yesterday.

We Japanese feel a spring with this horsetail.
Yes, spring has come in Izu peninsula.

I show you today’s Shirahama beach …….

Today it was sunny but the air was not clear.

And we had a strong wind here in Shirahama, so many windserfers came to get good wind and wave.
I think they are local people because they always come to this beach with good timing.

By the way the color of this sea is not beautiful blue in these days, I guees the air is not clear.

That’s why I couldn’t take a good photo and post it in this weblog.

Shirahama Beach in Shimoda: Pension Sakuraya


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