Let’s play surfing together!! – – Shirahama Ohama Beach

080507beach01_2Golden Week had finished yesterday and the children started their classes from Today.

And also I started to go for a walk with children as usual.

On the way to the school I said "Good bye" and went to the beach today too.

When I got to the beach I found a couple who has just come to the beach, and they were preparing for surfing.

The sunshine in the morning was very comfortable…..

I took this picture behind Shirahama shrine this morning.

The Golden Week had already finished but there were a lot of surfers in the sea.

Today it was very beautiful in Shirahama and the weather forcast says it will be sunny in these 2 or 3 days.

A blue sea looks very good for Shirahama, right?

Izu peninsula, Shimoda, Shirahama – Pension Sakuraya