Sunny after cloudy in Shirahama

Today I could see a blue sea after several days.

It had been cloudy for last one week here in Shirahama.

This morning it was rainy but the weather had been changed after 2:00 PM.

I took this photo after coming back from shopping in Shimoda downtown with my son, but actually I took some more photos before I went to Shimoda……




Then it was cloudy and we had strong and cold wind on the beach.

When I was taking photos a couple asked me to take photo for them.

After I took some photos one of them told me,

"The color of this sea is really beautiful, isn’t it?"

"Yes, I think so, but it would be more beutiful under the sunshine actually." I answered.

They may came to Shimoda for the 1st time today but I hope they would come back with sun.

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