22nd Anniversary Postcard Present!!

090328postcard01_22 years ago it was a 20th anniversary for our Pension Sakuray, and then we started to present our guest postcard as a gift.

Our guests were pleased with these postcards and everyone praised these photos which I took in Shirahama.

So last year we conteniued to do it after we changed some of them.

And this year it became 22nd anniversary…..

I was going to change some of them this year again, but it was really difficult for me because I am pleased with all of them.

Then my wife said,

"Why don’t you add one more picture frame for samples?"

"That’s a good idea!"

So I started to select the new photos from my collection, but it was very difficuot work for me.
Because I have more than thousands of photos which I took in last 10 years.

At last I selected new 11 photos and made 3 frames.

We will give you one of these postcards when you check-out for free.
But if you would like to get more you can buy a card 100 yen.

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