My son was surprised at the big crabs!

090518beach01Today it was sunny in the morning after 3 days in Shimoda.
When I was cleaning the gurest room I could see the beautiful blue sea through the window.
I wanted to take a picture soon but waited for my son finished the pre-school.

After picking my son up at the pre-school we went to the beach in the afternoon, but it became cloudy and could not take a picture of the gorgeous sea at last.

When we were playing on the beach my friends came and showed us it.

My friend lives near Shirahama shrine and sometimes come to the beach to get crabs.

Look at this!

He had some crabs in his plastic bag and one of them came out of it.

It was very big crab!

He get these crabs by himself without gloves.

Amazing! I can’t believe it!!!

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