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090531children02"OK! Let’s go to buy icecream!"

Today it was Sunday and my children didn’t go to the school.

It was holiday for my children and they might had been relaxed, but my son Yuuki was boring and asked us to play with him.

So I decided to go to the super market to buy the icecream and we ate it on the beach.

It was sunny and hot today.

That’s why the icecream made my children happy!!

2 thoughts on “Let’s go to the beach!! – – Izu Shirahama Ohama Beach

  1. genkicat

    hi there!
    i love shimoda and kisami area. so beautiful and lots of natural aspects.
    i came across your blog and really liked the photos of shimoda.. i am thinking of going swimming there soon.. is it warm enough to go swimming in the sea from this weekend?

  2. Pension Sakuraya

    Thank you for your comment.
    First of all please make it sure that our Pension is not in Kisami area. The nearest beach is “Shirahama Beach” in Shimoda.
    Both Kisami and Shirahama have white sandy beach and very beautuful sea, but they are located in the different places in Shimoda.
    In this season the water temperature is 20 degrees or more.
    If it is sunny the air temperature would be around 27 degrees in Shimoda, so that would be a good condition for swimming.
    Actually most of our guests went to the beach for swimming last weekend.
    However, if it is cloudy we need to check the condition in advance.
    Thank you.
    Mr. Yamamoto, a host of Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda


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