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Golden Week was finished ….

090506leaves01The busy Golden Week was finished at last today.

Thank you for staying at Sakuraya during Golden Week.

The weather was very good in the first half of GW, but we had a rain after May 4th.

It was truely regrettable for our guests in that period.

It’s still raining in Shirahama today, but we may have a sun tomorrow.

May 2nd of Golden Week in Shirahama Beach

090502beach01"It is too hot, today."

My daughter said when she came back from the shool this morning.

Today it was sunny.

We had a little strong wind this morning but the wind was stopped in the afternoon and the temprature was very high.

There were many people who were swimming in the water and sleeping on the sand.

Walking in the sea? – – Shirahama Beach

090501beach01During Golden Week we are very busy every day.

But I went to the beach to take pictures in the afternoon.

I took this picture behind Shirahama shrine.
Look at that! We had a low tide today.

The waves usually come to the middle of that big rock but I could see the rocks in the water today.

Yes, when we have a low tide we can walk under that big rock.

I show you an another picture….

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