Presents from Germany

090617present01Today we got some presents from our guest who came from Germany and stayed at Sakuraya in last April.

She came to Japan for her private holiday and stayed at our Pension for 3 nights.

I didn’t know who she was before checked-in, but I knew and was surprised at her job after talking with her.

She is working as a marketing and distribution at Bärenreiter, and she often comes to Asia for sales and marketing.

Actually, I am a member of chorus group in Shimoda, called "Shimoda Chor Freude", and we will have a 30th anniversary concert next April and now we are
      just practicing Mozart "Requiem"…..

090617present03 Yes, we are using the score of Bärenreiter!
      Yes, she came to Pension Sakuray by accident!

      It was amazing!!

I took her to my friend’s home to meet our leader and pruducer of chorus group.

Then she told us that she would send us a catalog of music scores later, and I got it today!

And also she sent us a german chocolate with coffee flavor and some things else.

My children loved chocolate!!

Thank you so much.

We look forward to meeting you again.

I have already given my friends the catalog on June 19th.
They were very glad to get it and said "Thank you sooooooo much!!! "



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