Sunset and Cloud in the Sky – – Shirahama Beach

090628sunset00_2Today it was rainy from early in this morning, but it stopped to rain at around 4:00 PM and we could see a blue sky in the west.

After that my son and I went to Shimoda downtown for shopping.

When we finished shopping we found that the sun was setting into the west mountain and the sky changed the color from blue to yellow.

"OK, Yuuki. Let’s come back home. We will be able to see the beautiful sunset today."…..

When we arrived at Shirahama beach the color of sky was orange like this picture.

We parked our car at the parking lot and went to the beach soon.

It was 6:45 PM.

The sun has already sinked over the mountains, but sunlight made the clouds miracle color.
And the small clouds were floating from the east to the west between the high big clouds and the ground.

It was relly beautiful scenary.

It looked like the another planet, for example, Mars?

While I was taking photos the sky was changing its color and it was almost black and dark blue.

I took last photo at 6:55 PM.

Yes, it was only 10 minutes, but I could see a big change of the world!


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