Sunny day, Blue sea in Shirahama

090824beach01_2This morning we had a rain here in Shirahama, but the weather was changed and became a sunny day!

I went to the beach to swim with my children for the 2nd time this summer.

There still were a lot of people on the beach.

The sea was really blue and beautiful, but we had big waves today.

After we arrived at the beach my children got into the water soon.

The water temperature was about 26 degrees, so it was very warm to swim.

My son can’t swim well, but he had air float on his arms.
So he was able to play in the water with his sister without worrying.

2 thoughts on “Sunny day, Blue sea in Shirahama

  1. marie

    Thank you for your great hospitality ! Our family and especialy our 2 year old son, Leo, had a great time at Shirahama ! Evrything was perfect, the atmosphere, the food and the sea. It was a lovely baby friedly holiday. We are all very happy of our staying to Sakuraya pension.

  2. Pension Sakuraya 桜家

    Dear Madam,
    Thank you for staying at Sakuraya and your happy comment.
    We are very glad to hear that you and your family had a great time in Shirahama with sunny days.
    In addtion, we could have a good time with you.
    It is a little far from Kobe to Shimoda, but we look forward to meeting you again if possible.
    Thank you very much.


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