A Happy New Year!!

100104family01"A Happy New Year" from Yamamoto family

In Japan most Japanese go to Shrine at the beginning of new year to pray our health, good future and something else.

Today we also went to Shirahama Shrine.

We didn't have a strong wind and a little warm here in Shimoda.

There were some cars in the shrine's parking lot.

After praying we took a photo of ourselves in front of shrine building.

I think that we are very happy because we are keeping our health.

I show you a photo of my wife and me in the following page.


100104family02 After we took the photo of us my daughter took this photo.

I always take photos for our children, so we don't have many chances taking of my wife and me.

I was wondering if I should put this photo on this page, because we are very shy to show this.

But we have never put our photo on this site, so we decided to show at the beginning of new year.

A Happy New Year again!

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