2010/01/13 A letter from France

100113letter01This afternoon my wife gave me a letter.

There was a name of place "La Rochelle" and I rememberd a guest from France.

He was travelling in Japan by bycycle and came to Sakuraya alone on May 2008.

He stayed at Sakuraya for 4 nights then.

He said in this letter, " I have a dream to be back in your Pension Sakuraya someday with my wife and daughter".

Yes, we are looking forward to meeting you again.

2 thoughts on “2010/01/13 A letter from France

  1. patrick quiviger

    Hello Hiroshigé,
    Thank you for your nice message and in fact i have a new head plans to travel to japan in 2011. Of course, i think has to spend a few days in shimoda to sakuraya pending preparatifs all i wish you and your family all my best thoughts.
    best regards from la rochelle

  2. Pension Sakuraya

    Hello, Patrick,
    This is Hiroshige.
    Thank you for your comment.
    I was surprised to get it very much.
    Actually, when I read the name “La Rochelle” and your name “Patrick” on your letter I remembered you soon.
    Because the postcard which you gave us on May 2008 is put on the board at the entrance of our Pension and I see it every day.
    We are very glad to hear that we will be able to meet you again next year, and are looking forward it.
    Best Regards,


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